Two Google Applications for iPhone

Martin J.

, Mobile, Software

Apple iPhone

It looks like Google is also trying to cash in on the recently European sold as well iPhone. The company just launched two applications especially tailored for Apple’s mobile phone: Google Calendar and Google Reader. In order to check it out just visit from your iPhone browser. Another possibility stands in downloading a Firefox add-on that makes it possible for you to update you UserAgent in order to make different web sites think you are utilizing one. Google Calendar appears with simplicity and at first look it is quite easier to use than the regular interface of the mobile phone. Google Reader for the iPhone is also much better looking than the original mobile interface presented. This application should be very popular among users. Just in case you want to know, Google Reader also has a special version for the Nintendo Wii, one that uses the Wiimote.It will be interesting to see what Google application will follow as surely these two will not be the only one. Several users are hoping for the actual search engine or the highly popular GMail.

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