Rumor: Pentax To Announce K20D and K200D

Martin J.

, Cameras


It is rumored that Pentax is going to update two of its DSLR cameras in 2008. The Pentax K20D and K200D, which are significantly upgraded, will replace the K10D and K100D. As it is said, the K20D will feature 14MP, a 3-inch “live view” LCD, a 14 bit RAW A/D Processor and a body shake reduction. The K200D sports 10MP CMOS sensor from Sony, a 3 FPS shooting mode, a PRIME 12-bit Image Processor and a larger LCD that could also be of 3-inches, like K20D. We are going to find out if this rumors are correct at the date of January 24th, when Pentax is expected to officially announce the new two cameras.

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