Optical Data Transmitted Over 1,500 Miles At 16.4 Tbps

Martin J.

, Gadgets

Fiber WireAlcatel-Lucent researchers disclosed researches that are most likely going to revolutionize the internet transmissions, by increasing speeds dramatically. Those researches were presented at the Exposition/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference and Optical Fiber Communication Conference and the company stated that they’ve used some new technologies, “including a highly linear, balanced optoelectronic photoreceiver and an ultra-compact, temperature-insensitive coherent mixer.”The researches broke a record, by managing to transmit optical data over 2,550km at an incredible speed of 16,b Tbps. For this to be possible, 164 wavelength-division multiplexed channels modulated at 100 Gbps were used. Also they have presented three photonic integrated circuits, able to reach speeds of up to 100Gbps with a high spectral efficiency.

George Rittenhouse, a VP researcher from Bell Labs stated that “these breakthroughs highlight the depth and breadth of the work done by Bell Labs researchers in optical networking and physical technologies around the world, and show how they must constantly improve and innovate across various technical areas to pave the way to the future of communications.” Due to their work we might soon have no worry about the size of a movie, audio file, website or document. Hopefully this technology will be implemented and commercialized soon enough.