One Laptop Battery That Lasts 30 Years Without Recharge

Martin J.

, Featured

Betavolic batteryWhat would you say if I told you that thanks to the US Air Force Research Laboratory we could have laptop batteries that would last for 30 years without the need of a recharge? You would say I am crazy but this is exactly what we need to talk about now. They invented a special betavolic power cell that is built from semiconductors with the use of radioisotopes as energy sources. Radioactive material ends up decaying over time and as a result it emits beta particles. They transform into electric power that can power laptops for previously unimagined periods of time: years. To make it even more interesting, such batteries can be very small. We have a non-thermal reactions so there is also no risk of over-heating and when the battery runs out of power it is non-toxic. It was stated that such batteries might be available to the public in around 2 years. Well, in two years we might have a laptop revolution on our hands.