Amazon Removes Orwell Books From Kindles

Aaron Jones

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Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Based off of what the media has announced, Amazon has erased two George Orwell books, “Animal Farm” and “1984” from the Kindle, and refunded customers of their purchase. “When we were notified of this by the rights holder, we removed the illegal copies from our systems and from customers’ devices, and refunded customers,” Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener told the New York Times.

Multiple Kindle owners made the same complaint: that Amazon was less than upfront about the removals. “What ticked me off is that I got a refund out of the blue and my book just disappeared out of my archive,” wrote another victim. “I emailed Amazon for an answer as to what was going on and they said there was a ‘problem’ with the book, nothing more specific. I’m sorry, when you delete my private property – refund or not – without my permission, I expect a better explanation than that.”

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