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Back To My Mac Brings Back Stolen Mac

Stolen Mac

I would be very happy to say that the police is doing a great job, but this time it looks like Apple have done a better job thanks to their Back To My Mac screen-share function. Let me give a summary of the story – there was this girl who had a party in her apartment and just two weeks after the party, about $5,000 worth electronics were missing from her place.

One of the things missing was her Mac, but just a few days later she received a call from a friend who saw that she was online, then the girl logged in and ran Photo Booth and she was amazed because the thieves were her friends who went to that party.

The clever girl took some photos of the burglars and showed them to the cops who eventually arrested them. We have to congratulate Apple and we hope that all thieves will reconsider their career.


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