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Up To 8Tbps With IBM’s Green Optical Link

IBM Green Optical LinkIBM is working hard on developing a new generation of communication technology that gives up on wire, in favor of light. This might sound crazy, but seems to be up to ten times more fast and efficient than our current technologies. Due to this, HD and Super-HD television may be much closer than you think, through internet.

The Optocards feature integrated “Optochips” and reach transfer rates of up to 8Tbps. It’s not as fast as Alcatel-Lucent‘s latest announcement, but still is a noticeable improvement in our current transfer technology and is highly desired.

IBM’s green optical link can meet peta-flop and exa-flop supercomputing‘s bandwidth requirements and we will definitely see it’s advantages in all our consumer electronics, like PCs, laptops, WiFi Gadgets.

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